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Sunday, 14 September 2014


YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH. Whether its the people that you work with, the long hours, lack of appreciation, or just the main responsibilities of the job you have, you have decided that you have had enough. Quitting or choosing to resign from a job is never easy territory to cross, and there are a number of things you have to keep in mind before you take this step.

1. Are you doing it for the right reasons
2. Do you have a fallback plan or another opportunity lined up
3. How can  you ensure, because you must always ensure, that you are tying up loose ends gracefully and leaving on good terms
4. What is your next move. It always sounds good to leave it all behind and eat-pray-love your way into a dreamy new life but you have to be smart because unless you have Julia Roberts good fortune (think Pretty Woman) then a life time of loneliness and Devil Wears Prada dead-end internships could be in your cards.

How Do You Know If A Job Isn't Right For You?

You Find Yourself Dragging Yourself to Work Everyday- Once in a while, it is normal to prefer to sleep in rather than throw to on the blue suede shoes and sashay into work. However, if it is a feeling you have every day, there may be some underlying concerns.

Some people find it very hard to make it into work on time. This is because they lack the motivation needed to even go into work so they leave at the last possible minute. People that love what they do get into work early, want to socialize and share ideas with their coworkers, and the thought of making a difference in their job is more appealing than lazing around in bed all day.

You Do Not Align With The Company's Values- If you are in a role that is not right for you, or you are needed to do tasks that do not align with your values then no matter how hard you work, you will never be able to excel in your role. Even if you are able to move up in the company and look like you are great in your role, you will never truly be happy.

Maybe you are in a sales position where you need to sell a product that you don't believe in. You will never feel passionate about the work you do. Or worse,  being in a sales position, where they push you to sell things to customers that they don't really need.

You Are Not Able To Use or Build Upon Your Skills- It is important to be able to work in a position where you are able to use all or at least most of the skills that you love. If you are a creative person, you will never be truly happy in a job that requires you to push papers or create billing reports all day. Just like if you are a natural introvert, you will always feel like a fish out of water when you are required to work in a very social job. Furthermore to this, if you are not able to use your skills that you love in your work environment, it will be very hard for you to find time to develop on these skills

In the Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell explains that it takes 10, 000 hours to become truly good at what ever talent/skill/strength/duty/task it is that you choose to hone in on. Make it something that you love.

What Do I Do Now?

Trust Your Gut- Do you have a passion, a side business or a hobby that you have wanted to do for a while but since you are seperating your time between your j-o-b and you p-a-s-s-i-o-n you have gotten to a place where you are kind of doing both half assed. When you reach this point it is time to step back, weigh your options and decide if it is worth it to stay or if you can make a viable living by going off on your own

Create a Fallback Plan- Have you been job-searching for a while but have not been able to find the perfect gig to save you from your sorrows? Don't wallow in your misery! Keep trying. The average job applicant searches for a job for 7 months before finding anything. This means you need to amp up the time you are spending searching for a job before you decide to leave your current role.

Thinking of jumping ship and starting your own business? Congratulations! Being your own boss is one of the most rewarding positions you could ever hope for. Make sure you give your business idea a test run. Work on a business strategy with strategic targets to keep you on track. Most of all, reach out to your circle for help and advice. You never know who knows a guy who knows a guy who could be the one to help bring your dreams into reality.

Save for a Rainy Day- As crucial as another pair of louboutins or spending 100$ on a lavish brunch might seem here & no, in the long-term scheme of things, it's not going to help you get you far. Start saving your nickels and dimes as best you can, so if in the event you get so sick of your job that you cannot stand to walk through those doors one more time, you have enough funds to let you coast for a while.

Even if you never end up quitting, you might end up with enough cash to buy your first condo or invest in a 'fruit company' a la Forest Gump and the rest could be history!

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All the Ladies in the Place With Style and Grace

Most importantly, when you do take that leap, ensure you leave on good terms. Write a warm-hearted resignation letter, arrange a time to talk to your direct report to share the news, remember that you do not have to go into great detail as to why you are leaving but don't bad-mouth the company in case the need arises for you to come back.

Ensure you give the correct amount of notice when you leave continue to put your 100% into your position until you complete you very last shift.

This is how you will leave with glowing references and a future of opportunities.

...something to think about

 How we use our time is a direct reflection of who we become in lives. This goes hand in hand with the people we spend the most time with are direct reflections of our personalities and habits, good or bad. Right now, spending a few hours watching TV or cruising through instagram into the wee hours of the night seems like a good idea. But when we look back on how we've spent our lives, we are not going to remember the 5 hour OITNB marathons or the 443rd account we followed on twitter. The things we will remember is the people whose lives we impacted, the evenings we've spent at home in deep conversations, the obstacles we've overcome, our accomplishments, the places we've travelled and the things we've learned. Think about this when you are choosing how to spend your time.

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So many people have big dreams and big ambitions. But it's easy to be all talk and no action. If it was easy to be successful, then everyone would be. Work for what you want tirelessly, because the people that do set themselves apart from the rest.

Thanks for reading this NOMEANSYESS post. This blog is designed to inspire YOU to become the person you want to be through sharing stories of people who overcame great obstacles to find their calling. Here is where the lovely watercolor painting was sourced:



I have been on a on-again-off-again relationship with sugar. It is like a cute ex-boyfriend that stands outside my front porch serenading me. Of course, holding a bouquet of roses and albeit delicious chocolates.

sugar candy travel mexico

I was successful for a couple weeks in my freedom from all things sweet. I really cut out sugar! Those weeks were great! I had more energy than ever before. I was waking up without my alarm. I was falling asleep naturally at a predictable time, and I was able to avoid the 3 PM crashes that seem to hit everyone.

But just like that ex that shows up at your front door step, begging for a chance to come inside, the sugar was unavoidable. I lead such a busy life. I am constantly on the go, and often, the only place that purchasing food is feasible is the neighbourhood Starbucks.

laduree macarons macaroon paris sugar dessert

Sugar hides in almost everything you eat on a daily basis, it is in bread, it is in 'natural' cereals. It is even in things that do not seem like they are sweet! It is so so important to read the ingredients of everything you are putting in your body because there are so many things that are marketed as healthy but are actually packed with sugar! On top of that, there are a million ways that sugar can hide in the ingredients lists of packaging.

Look out for these terms on the ingredients list:

Fructose, Glucose-Fructose, Sucrose, Corn Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Maltodextrin, Dextrose

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What are the benefits of quitting sugar? Well your saying YES to a whole list of great achievements, and no to a bunch of scary side effects.

The YES list?

Instant Weight Loss

Beer, Wine, Candy, Chips and the like. They are all empty calories. You eat them, and then moments later you are still craving more food. Why? Because these give you a satisfying crunch, but they do not combat the underlying cause of your hunger, the need to deliver your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Cut the crap; eat salads, fresh juices, steamed vegetables and see how much more satisfied you are with eating less.

Healthy Living- Let Your Body Do More

If you are cutting out anything with refined sugar, than you are eating how nature wants us to eat. That means nothing from a box, man-made, or prepackaged.

Think about how people used to live and eat hundreds of years ago before diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart attacks ran rampant. People were feeding themselves with only things from the land. That means fruit, vegetables, and small portions of meat.

Every time you eat, you need to think- 'is this fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to survive?' If you are eating any of the aforementioned 'fruit, vegetables, and small portions of meat', then yes. Your body needs a long list of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to perform the daily tasks such as regenerating cells, fighting off diseases and sicknesses. So every time you eat something, you need to think, " Do I want the cells that are being regenerated in my body made of this?" If you do not want them to be made out of cheesecake, then put the fork down! When your body is happy with the amount of  calories and nutrients it needs, the cravings will die down. Eventually, the thought of eating sugar will put you off.

Illuminate Your Skin
If every time you have a sugar craving, you drink water OR a herbal tea I can almost guarantee that your skincare woes will go to the wayside. Often times, people mistake their thirst for hunger and sugar cravings.

If you are eating rices, breads, cereals, chips, cookies, pops, candies then all give your body is calories. Your body is going to burn those things without actually feeding any of your organs, like your skin, with the nutrients it needs to survive and maintain its glow and health. You are starving your body, while at the same time you may be gaining more and more weight, more cellulite, more acne and more wrinkles.

Eating the following things can lead to clogged pores: 

Oily and Greasy Foods: 
French Fries
Onion Rings
Fried Eggs
Baked Goods
Heavy Dressings on Salads

Dairy Products:

Eating sugary food starves and kills the cells that would normally regenerate healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Foods that your body processes as Sugar:
Too Much Fruit
Lattes and Milkshakes

Upping your water intake, and eradicating the items that clog pores and cause wrinkles will make a world of difference.

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Never Get Sick

The first year I cut down on refined sugars dramatically was the first in 7 years that I did not get strep throat. The reason behind this is that after you eat sugar, your immune system dramatically decreases for a period of time afterwards.

The following year, I was into natural remedies and knew to use oregano oil at the first sign of sickness. My whole family got sick with SARS and I somehow avoided it, even being in the same room as them! With the help of my improved immune system I am able to avoid sickness, or only deal with short bouts of the common cold, year after year.

sarah wilson quit sugar recipe free

I would highly advise getting Sarah Wilson's "I QUIT SUGAR" book. First off, it outlines the benefits of cutting sugar out of your diet and some of the changes it made in her life, such as disappearing wrinkles. Second, it has some incredible recipes that make cutting back (or cutting out) sugar completely easy.

Thanks for reading this NOMEANSYESS post. This blog is designed to inspire YOU to become the person you want to be through sharing stories of people who overcame great obstacles to find their calling. Here are all the great places I found the info to write this post:


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