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So many people have big dreams and big ambitions. But it's easy to be all talk and no action. If it was easy to be successful, then everyone would be. Work for what you want tirelessly, because the people that do set themselves apart from the rest.

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I have been on a on-again-off-again relationship with sugar. It is like a cute ex-boyfriend that stands outside my front porch serenading me. Of course, holding a bouquet of roses and albeit delicious chocolates.

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I was successful for a couple weeks in my freedom from all things sweet. I really cut out sugar! Those weeks were great! I had more energy than ever before. I was waking up without my alarm. I was falling asleep naturally at a predictable time, and I was able to avoid the 3 PM crashes that seem to hit everyone.

But just like that ex that shows up at your front door step, begging for a chance to come inside, the sugar was unavoidable. I lead such a busy life. I am constantly on the go, and often, the only place that purchasing food is feasible is the neighbourhood Starbucks.

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Sugar hides in almost everything you eat on a daily basis, it is in bread, it is in 'natural' cereals. It is even in things that do not seem like they are sweet! It is so so important to read the ingredients of everything you are putting in your body because there are so many things that are marketed as healthy but are actually packed with sugar! On top of that, there are a million ways that sugar can hide in the ingredients lists of packaging.

Look out for these terms on the ingredients list:

Fructose, Glucose-Fructose, Sucrose, Corn Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Maltodextrin, Dextrose

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What are the benefits of quitting sugar? Well your saying YES to a whole list of great achievements, and no to a bunch of scary side effects.

The YES list?

Instant Weight Loss

Beer, Wine, Candy, Chips and the like. They are all empty calories. You eat them, and then moments later you are still craving more food. Why? Because these give you a satisfying crunch, but they do not combat the underlying cause of your hunger, the need to deliver your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. Cut the crap; eat salads, fresh juices, steamed vegetables and see how much more satisfied you are with eating less.

Healthy Living- Let Your Body Do More

If you are cutting out anything with refined sugar, than you are eating how nature wants us to eat. That means nothing from a box, man-made, or prepackaged.

Think about how people used to live and eat hundreds of years ago before diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart attacks ran rampant. People were feeding themselves with only things from the land. That means fruit, vegetables, and small portions of meat.

Every time you eat, you need to think- 'is this fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to survive?' If you are eating any of the aforementioned 'fruit, vegetables, and small portions of meat', then yes. Your body needs a long list of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to perform the daily tasks such as regenerating cells, fighting off diseases and sicknesses. So every time you eat something, you need to think, " Do I want the cells that are being regenerated in my body made of this?" If you do not want them to be made out of cheesecake, then put the fork down! When your body is happy with the amount of  calories and nutrients it needs, the cravings will die down. Eventually, the thought of eating sugar will put you off.

Illuminate Your Skin
If every time you have a sugar craving, you drink water OR a herbal tea I can almost guarantee that your skincare woes will go to the wayside. Often times, people mistake their thirst for hunger and sugar cravings.

If you are eating rices, breads, cereals, chips, cookies, pops, candies then all give your body is calories. Your body is going to burn those things without actually feeding any of your organs, like your skin, with the nutrients it needs to survive and maintain its glow and health. You are starving your body, while at the same time you may be gaining more and more weight, more cellulite, more acne and more wrinkles.

Eating the following things can lead to clogged pores: 

Oily and Greasy Foods: 
French Fries
Onion Rings
Fried Eggs
Baked Goods
Heavy Dressings on Salads

Dairy Products:

Eating sugary food starves and kills the cells that would normally regenerate healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Foods that your body processes as Sugar:
Too Much Fruit
Lattes and Milkshakes

Upping your water intake, and eradicating the items that clog pores and cause wrinkles will make a world of difference.

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Never Get Sick

The first year I cut down on refined sugars dramatically was the first in 7 years that I did not get strep throat. The reason behind this is that after you eat sugar, your immune system dramatically decreases for a period of time afterwards.

The following year, I was into natural remedies and knew to use oregano oil at the first sign of sickness. My whole family got sick with SARS and I somehow avoided it, even being in the same room as them! With the help of my improved immune system I am able to avoid sickness, or only deal with short bouts of the common cold, year after year.

sarah wilson quit sugar recipe free

I would highly advise getting Sarah Wilson's "I QUIT SUGAR" book. First off, it outlines the benefits of cutting sugar out of your diet and some of the changes it made in her life, such as disappearing wrinkles. Second, it has some incredible recipes that make cutting back (or cutting out) sugar completely easy.

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I think people under estimate the importance of the social interaction that takes place when dropping off your resume. In 2014, the internet encompasses almost everything that we do in terms of applying for jobs. Heck, even recently I've even had interviews held over webcam using new software technologies such as Take The Interview. When applying for jobs online through a employer-job site, only a handful of resumes are even looked at by a human eye. Most are submitted into a database that scans each resume for 'keywords' that they are looking for in a potential candidate. That being said, getting a chance to actually sit in front of a hiring manager is rare unless you've picked the right words, and every job is looking for something different.

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Few retailers even accept resumes at the store level any more. Knowing this, when you are dropping off a resume to a retail store put your best foot forward and treat it as if you are in an interview. You do not know if you are handing your resume into another sales associate or the store manager. Some managers like to interview on the spot while they have you in the store, so you had better be ready for any questions they may throw at you.

Here are my tips for getting that retail job you are looking for:

stylish outfit smoking pink leather skirt parisian

Dress stylish

Working in fashion requires people to know about fashion. The best way that retailers can judge if you can dress their clients in the most stylish outfits is if you are dressed in a great outfit as well. Think of the places that you are applying to because every retailer has a different aestheitc and a different idea of what 'stylish' is.

Juicy couture girls looks a lot different that Chanel ladies.

clothes rack bright colors candles wood colours

Make your headlines pack a punch

Most employers will give it a quick scan and think "Do I want this person to work for me?" That means that everything on your potential new boss' sightline needs to be impeccable.
1. Change your email- noone is going to think that cuteykittys12@hotmail.com is serious about getting a job.
2. Make your job objective (if you have one) pop and make it specific. A headline like " A professional, customer-focused, team player looking for a career in retail" gets my attention better than "Looking for a job where I can interact with the general public". We want to know that you are focused on speicfics.
3. Don't be afraid to format; Please bold headlines for education and experience. If we cannot find the information we want at a quick glance, we may overlook trying to search for it at all.

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Have something to say

Whomever you may be dropping your resume off to may ask you to "Tell me a little about yourself". Have something to say. Blow them away. Show them that you love the company, understand the culture and know a little history.

That is the final say in getting the job you know you deserve.

Most Importantly: Have confidence

NO MEANS YESS. Whatever you want, you can make it happen. You just need to have confidence and have the facts to back it up. Do not let you fear of being shut down, not being stylish/pretty/experienced enough to get the job stop you. There are always anomalies. There are always trail-blazers.

Thanks for reading this NOMEANSYESS post. This blog is designed to inspire YOU to become the person you want to be through sharing stories of people who overcame great obstacles to find their calling. This article was sourced from experience through years of working in retail, being a hiring and recruiting manager. Feel free to email if you need any further advice: reese@nomeansyess.vom

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Restaurant owners have one of the toughest, most stressful jobs in the world. Think about it: your job is to please the HANGRIEST, most impatient crowd, of PIGS that act like you owe them the world because they are paying a 15% tip. Upon entering they're starving, they're not drunk (yet), and all they really want to do is want to sit down and shovel (delicious) food into their mouths as soon as possible. But this doesn't mean that they are not observing their surroundings with a watchful eye and criticing every minute detail from the lipstick stain on their rocks glass to the crumbs left on the seats.

Bali Indonesian restaurant pork ribs beautiful interior inspiration

From Point A: Entering the Restaurant to Point B: Shovelling said Nourishments into their mouth, they want to be coddled, treated like kings, have their water glasses refilled sufficiently (but not too much) and asked if everything is still okay (again, not too much because then the waiter is deemed annoying).There are so many things that your success as a restaurant owner depends on. From the hostess toothily greeting the diner, sitting them at the perfect seat, "not too close to the bathroom, and it better be a booth". To the waitress hurriedly filling up those water glasses and offering you the beverage of choice, but not only that, they better have the whole wine/beer/spirit/ soda list memorized and a delectable commentary for any item inquired about "Yes, sir the coke is super fizzy tonight, with a slight and subtle aftertaste of caramel, delectable!". After that they may need to remember to bring your second spoon for soup, and extra napkins.

mixed drinks rings party summer vodka absolut

Any of this missed on any of the 7 tables that the waiter is usually servicing at the same time and disaster strikes. Shit hits the fan and by fan I mean the next Yelp review and the customer's twitter fanbase of potentially 26 people.

Yep, restaurant owning can be a scary business. According to BusinessWeek, one out of every 4 restaurants fail. But don't let that stop you. The benefits of owning a successful restaurant can be extremely rewarding. Who doesn't just purr at the satisfaction of knowing that they left drones of people happy, full of delicious food, and raving about it to their friends who will undoubtably be returning for seconds.

I have heard stories from incredible restaurant owners that have gone against the odds, and did things a little differently than usual, and found great success. Our next FOOD post will feature a successful Japanese retaurant owner that had to steal tins of Beefaroni growing up as a child. Now let's say that his taste has undoubtably matured.

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Climbing the ranks to to the top of any industry, the odds usually seem like they are stacked against you. Even more so when you want to be the illest, trillest and realest in the music industry. A$AP Rocky has gone through more hardship than the average dude, but with a motto "Always Strive And Prosper" (A$AP) it's no surprise that he is sitting in the ranks of fame, fortune and success, and we are so happy for him.


A$AP Rocky, born as Rakim Mayers, came up in a poor upbringing in Harlem, experiencing hardship after hardship. At the age of 12, his father was arrested for selling drugs. The year following, his brother was killed due to violence. He grew up with his single mother in unstable homes and shelters. These are all the ways that his suroundings and obstacles said "No" to him in his life. All the while, he stayed focused on his dream and his destiny. Using his struggle and set-backs to light the fire of inspiration and perseverence, he formed a close group of people like-minded with himself. These were other rappers ASAP Ferg, ASAP Twelvyy, ASAP Nast, and ASAP Ant among others as well as producers, and artists that helped form their unique southern, chopped and screwed music style. When it came time to getting signed, his unique team of creators helped them get that $3 Million dollar contract and use their resources to keep making groundbreaking hits. Rocky knew what he wanted, how he wanted to get it and turned the consistent "No's" he got in his life to "Yes".

How many of us have experienced even smaller set-backs and losses and feel so defeated that it makes us want to give up. It is important to reach out to those that inspire you, find mentors and role models to figure out your path to what you want. ASAP was inspired by Wutang Clan plus a moniker of Southen rappers, and it is undeniable that their influence in his music is what sets his apart from current mainstream hip-hop and makes it something you can get hyped up to or just chill out to at the same time.


Now on top of dropping hits and touring the world he gives back to his community. He spends time with youth in Harlem that are at risk of following an ill-fate which could have been A$AP's fate had he not taken his dream and accomplishments into his own hands.

Thanks for reading this NOMEANSYESS post. This blog is designed to inspire YOU to become the person you want to be through sharing stories of people who overcame great obstacles to find their calling. Here are all the great places I found the info to write this post:



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